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Don't be bothered of your infertility, become a mother with HCG Pregnyl Injections

Women who cannot conceive a child are often called barren in our society. Barren is a sad term, which refers to infertile or without life and joy. Such women who are unable to conceive, thus mentally becomes dull and starts cursing their lives. The amount of pain and sufferings these women go through cannot be compared to any other pain in this world. 

Infertility amongst women is very common. Infertility is a condition in which a woman is unable to conceive even after having an unprotected intimacy for more than 12 months. Infertility in women can occur due to many reasons such as the presence of endometriosis, PCOS, the presence of genital birth defects and other medical conditions.

Fortunately, medicines such as Pregnyl are available in the market, which will cure your infertility. So buy HCG Pregnyl Injections Online for Sale and remove the tag of barren from your life.

Apart from treating fertility concerns, Pregnyl is quite effective in treating cryptorchidism in prepubertal boys age 4-9. Pregnyl contains human chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) as the main active constituent.  The action of HCG is similar to that of pituitary LH and FSH. It stimulates the production of the gonadal steroidal hormone in both men and woman.

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Don't be bothered of your infertility, become a mother with HCG Pregnyl Injections
It stimulates the Leydig cells of the testes to produce testosterone and corpus luteum of the ovary to produce progesterone, thereby helping in treating infertility.
The dosing regimen of Pregnyl: The recommended dose of Pregnyl is 5000 and 10,000IU accessible in parenteral dosage form.

The dose for treating anovulatory infertility: for treating anovulatory infertility in females, take one injection of 5000IU of Pregnyl, IM, following the last dose of menotropins

The dose for treating hypogonadism in males: For treating hypogonadism in males, take 500 to 1000 units IM thrice a week for 3 weeks followed by the same dose twice a week for 3 weeks.

The dose of treating prepubertal cryptorchidism: For treating prepubertal cryptorchidism, take 5000IU of Pregnyl on every alternate day for up to four injections.

Noxious effects of Pregnyl: the commonly seen noxious effects of Pregnyl are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, sleepiness, menstrual irregularities, weight gain, and loss of libido, mood swings, increased appetite, and irritability. 

Warning and precautions taken with Pregnyl Injections:

•    Do not use Pregnyl if you are allergic to any of the constituent present in this medication.
•    Driving and operating heavy machinery is inadvisable while using Pregnyl.
•    Consuming alcoholic drinks, smoking and taking sedatives along with Pregnyl is strictly prohibited.
•    If you are suffering from any metabolic disorder or disorders of the adrenal gland or pituitary gland then do not use Pregnyl. 
•    A patient suffering from disorders of liver, kidney or heart should not use Pregnyl.
•    A woman below the age of 18 years should never use Pregnyl. 

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